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Writing brilliant long form content doesn't have to feel like a chore

Moonbeam is the only AI writing assistant specifically trained to help you write essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long form content.

Where other AI writing tools trail off into meaningless nonsense, Moonbeam shines

Let Moonbeam illuminate your ideas

Use the Wizard to instantly transform your jumbled notes into a useful outline, and your outline into perfectly written paragraphs.

Or just Prompt Luna with a single phrase

Luna is the AI behind Moonbeam. Give her a few quick instructions, and watch her return with a well-written first draft.


Features that make you want to write

Moonbeam is packed with tons of features to help you write the best content ever

Smart Chat

Talk to your content with Smart Chat

Elevate your editing experience with the revolutionary GPT-4 powered Smart Chat, seamlessly integrated into your editor. Obtain real-time feedback on your documents and make on-the-fly modifications for an unparalleled editing journey.

Smart Chat: Harness the power of ChatGPT, now supercharged and more intelligent than ever, to answer any query you have.

Precision Editing: Simply highlight the text you wish to modify and watch as Smart Chat refines it with unparalleled accuracy.

Effortless Content Creation: Generate captivating posts directly from the chat content, streamlining your creative process.

Pre-defined Prompts: Leverage a selection of thoughtfully crafted prompts to generate meaningful content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Smart Chat
Smart Chat
Content Cluster

Effortlessly Generate Comprehensive Content Clusters with Moonbeam

Transform your content creation process with Moonbeam, a powerful tool that effortlessly generates content clusters around a simple prompt or keyword. Experience unparalleled efficiency with just a single click.

Instant Content Ideas: Enter a prompt or keyword and watch as Moonbeam generates 10+ content ideas in a matter of seconds.

Streamlined Post Creation: With just one click, create detailed post outlines and complete blog posts, all powered by GPT-4 technology.

Superior Quality: Experience faster and better content, crafted with the cutting-edge capabilities of GPT-4.

Organized Workflow: Keep your content neatly organized inside folders, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient creative process.

The Ultimate Text Editor

A text editor so powerful you'll never want to leave

Discover the unparalleled power and versatility of Moonbeam, a feature-rich text editor designed to transform your writing experience.

Advanced Text Editing: Effortlessly refine complete or highlighted text with options to concisely paraphrase or improve your writing.

Boss Mode: Activate Boss Mode to revolutionize your content with a complete transformation.

Rich Media Integration: Seamlessly embed links, images, or upload your own visuals to enhance your content.

Public Drafts: Share your drafts with the world and let your work speak for itself.

One-Click Content Generation: Unleash your creativity with a single click, generating an array of content ideas to inspire your writing journey.

Smart Chat











Experience Seamless Team Collaboration with Moonbeam

Moonbeam's Collaboration Mode enables you and your team members to work together effortlessly on a document. Enjoy a Google Docs-like experience tailored specifically for your AI-generated content.

"Not only is Moonbeam an excellent writing tool, it is an incredibly helpful research tool. Looking to learn about a new topic? Moonbeam can quickly research and put together a concise outline for you to review.""


Assistant Account Executive

Write like anyone
with Moonbeam's Custom Style Generator

Famous authors. Comedians. Politicians.

All with their own distinctive writing and speaking styles. All just a prompt away.

If you want to write, but you struggle with structure
sidestep the slog with Moonbeam

Moonbeam has beamed my writing output to the moon. Now with the new feature of adding your notes to get a coherent piece of writing started, it's a critical part of my workflow! Best tool out there!
Kevin Newman

Founder of LegendCV

I've turned in so many assignments using moonbeam. Gets me A's with no plagiarism. the AI does such a good job of creating authentic sentences with researched points specially curated for your target audience. there's nothing at this level yet on the market


College Student

Started using by @johnbuilds to explore different ideas for content for @BlaziHQ products, and it's really a very useful tool if you want to curate any content, highly recommended!
Ahmed Khalil


@johnbuilds Bro... this Moonbeam app is sick. Been using it for just 5 minutes after seeing your tweet pop up on my feed and it's powerful. Great for the online coach/content creator community
Leo Mills


Research isn't 100% about the full-length paper. Often we write shorter pieces for a wider audience.@gomoonbeam helps outline an essay from prompts you give. A few more prompts and, boom, the start of an essay. Yes, your students are going to use this. But you can too!
Brian Albrecht


I just got done writing a chapter for a fintech training using @gomoonbeam. I've used Jasper in the past - it's good, but moonbeam seems to work with me better.
Your Textbook Geek


Moonbeam Pro is backed by a
100% money-back guarantee

We want you to be over the moon about Moonbeam. And while we do offer a generous Free Plan, we gotta admit that Moonbeam Pro is where the real magic happens.

Along with the powerful Moonbeam Wizard to kickstart your writing, Pro unlocks

Unlimited long form writing

Unlimited social media posts

Moonbeam Wizard

Custom style generator

Unlimited Luna AI Access

Access to all templates

More useful features added everyday

If you pay for Pro and discover that Moonbeam isn't helpful in your workflow, we'll happily refund your full payment within 30 days (no questions asked).

Holy Sh*t. This is awesome

A new user

and see why he said that.

Kevin Newman

Founder of LegendCV
Moonbeam has beamed my writing output to the moon. Now with the new feature of adding your notes to get a coherent piece of writing started, it's a critical part of my workflow! Best tool out there!